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Jack Brown Footwear Consultant

Consultancy Services

An Independent Footwear Consultant You Can Trust

One-off assignments, projects, part-time, retainers, seasonal, temporary coverage, fixed days ... total flexibility to meet your footwear needs. An extra pair of qualified and experienced hands to be used at your discretion.

Examples of consultancy services

• Corporate cost reductions and increased efficiencies
• Direct footwear sourcing to improve margins
• Inspection of incoming goods
• Factory Audits for quality and consistency
• Risk Assessment Review of new season's designs
• Setting up of Return's Systems to record quality problems
• Fitting and Shoe making Training to Buyers and Technologists
• Manual Writing to High-Street Retailer Standards
• Technical Training and support for new, inexperienced staff
• Technical support in personal injury claims
• Test report analysis and related shoe testing regime
• Setting up of recycling, sustainable and environmental programmes.

For Consumers

Personal Injury Claims - slips, trips and falls. Unhappy with your footwear purchase? Your complaint not taken seriously? Sold substandard shoes?

And a whole lot more ... !



Although based in the United Kingdom, my services are provided internationally, including Europe, USA, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Thailand and many more countries..

If you think I can help then please get in touch.


International Footwear Consultant